Asset Management Mission

Creating Value Through Space

Realty Income’s Asset Management team proactively identifies, evaluates and executes on opportunities that protect and enhance the value of our portfolio. We seek to create value by maximizing revenue and by promoting growth within our existing portfolio in order to maintain stable occupancy, and increase earnings and distributions to our shareholders.

Partnering to Unearth Opportunities That Deliver

Clients and Developers partner with Realty Income, an S&P 500 corporation with over 11,280 properties located in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and Spain, to optimize space, to maximize stakeholder value and to unearth exclusive off-market opportunities available through our extensive, diversified portfolio.

Asset Management Initiatives:

Redevelopment - In support of our active redevelopment efforts, Realty Income’s Asset Management team works to reposition existing assets through a variety of value-add transaction types:

  • Demise of an existing building in order to create a long-term relationship with our existing client, as well as create additional relationships with excess space
  • Build-to-Suit / Reverse Built-to-Suit development into a single or multi-client parcel
  • Renovation, remodel and expansion of existing buildings

Ancillary Revenue - Asset Management further maximizes the value of our portfolio through various strategic, ancillary revenue generating opportunities:

  • Outparcels on existing assets
  • ATMs
  • Cell towers
  • Solar arrays
  • Billboard advertising
  • Electric vehicle charging stations